Pedro Pablo Mendez Torrealba

Violist Pedro Pablo Mendez Torrealba is a member of the viola section of the Civic Symphony Orchestra in Chicago, and is concurrently also a Chicago Sinfonietta’s Project Inclusion Freeman Fellow in both the Orchestral and Ensemble programs. 

As a soloist, his performance credits include the Pedro Leon Torres Symphony Orchestra, the Lara Symphony Orchestra and Young Lara Symphony Orchestra. 

Born in South America, Mendez began his musical studies at EL SISTEMA in Venezuela. Prior to emigrating to the United States to further his music studies, Mendez taught violin and held the post of Professor and Director of the Latin American Violin School in his hometown. He also served as a professor of violin at the Vicente Emilio Sojo Conservatory.  

Mr. Mendez is working towards his Bachelor’ degree in Viola Performance Arts at the Chicago College of Performing Arts under the tutelage of Almita Vamos and Roland Vamos. He holds a degree in Violin Performance from Vicente Emilio Sojo Conservatory and was part of Academia Latinoamericana de Violin under the tutelage of Luis Miguel Gonzalez and Jose Francisco del Castillo.